Invitation Archive

Our Current Invitations are monthly points of focus that inspire and guide your letter writing practice. We’ve archived them here so you can start your practice anywhere you like.


June + July 2019

With the summer solstice fast approaching we invite you to attend. Extend your care for the world around you, and the people in it, by being present.

Supporting blog posts:

  1. Extending Care By Being Present

  2. On Having Enough



May 2019

Throughout May we'll be challenging ourselves to see the world through the lens of all that can be celebrated, the good and the hard, the big and the small alike.

Supporting blog posts:

  1. Shifting Towards an Abundance Mindset with Sincerely

  2. Sometimes It’s Ok Not to Be Ok

  3. Have You Tried a Reverse Bucket List?

April 2019

As Annie Dillard says, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives,” and we’d like to spend our days, and thus our lives, taking note — observing, reflecting, and connecting with the world around us.

Supporting blog posts:

  1. A Three Part Practice for Taking Note of Our Lives

  2. Transform the Way You Feel, One Letter at a Time

  3. Pause for Celebration


How are you? | Mindful check-in | Of Note Stationers

March 2019

Three simple words that can have such an impact when used with care, attention, and sincerity.

Supporting blog posts:

  1. Checking in with three simple words, How are you?

  2. Sistering, the Best Part of Life

  3. What if we asked for what we need?

February 2019

Reading this in the morning? Pick one of these questions to hold throughout your day. Coming across this mantra at night? Adjust the questions to “what did I love, who did I love, how did I love,” and you’ve got a wonderful spin on a Gratitude practice.

Supporting blog post:

  1. Loving Mindfully

Every day, every moment, we have the opportunity to choose love | Of Note Stationers' Current Invitation

Winter is for... | Intention setting | Of Note Stationers

January 2019

We are allowing winter’s slowness to give us permission to rest within an intentional cycle of reflection, of nurturing what we find, and of manifesting what we want. We invite you to do the same.

Supporting blog posts:

  1. Embracing the Winter Season with Intention

  2. Support for an Intentional 2019

December 2018

The last minute holiday gifting scramble is upon us! With that hustle in mind we offer an encouragement to use your words as a gift ✨

Supporting ideas:

  1. Share a laughter filled memory

  2. Thank those who have positively impacted your 2018

  3. Express a wish or offer words of encouragement for 2019

Do the holiday hustle differently | Of Note Stationers


November 2018

In honor of the Thanksgiving season that is upon us and the @10percent interview we listened to with @shawnachor, we are fully embracing gratitude and believing that acknowledging and sharing our gratitude with others is key to individual and communal happiness. What better way to express than with a letter. ⠀⠀

Supporting blog posts:

  1. Soak in the Good: A Gratitude Practice

  2. Thanksgiving Download: Gratitude Place Cards

October 2018

Our newest invitation is tailor made for the transition from summer to fall. Carve out some space in your schedule to slow down and reflect. Lay the foundation for this positive shift in writing.⠀⠀

Supporting blog posts:

  1. Fall’s Invitation to Slow Down and Re-connect

  2. The Seed of a New Beginning

  3. Connecting With & Acting On Your Intentions


Embrace Celebration | Current Invitation from Of Note Stationers

September 2018

There is so much good out there just waiting to be noticed. This is your invitation to look for the good and celebrate it.

Supporting blog posts:

  1. Celebrating the Unforgettable

  2. Celebration Begets Celebration

August 2018, #2

It is so easy to focus on the hard thing, the thing that isn't going right. What if we put our energy towards seeing the good, towards noticing how people care for us? 

Supporting blog post:

  1. Thanks for Noticing

See the good, easier said than done, but we've narrowed it down | Find more mindful letter writing practices at Of Note Stationers

Reach out to those who inspire you with this simple practice | Of Note Stationers

August 2018, #1

Appreciation is a gift, a gift of attention, vulnerability, and gratitude, for yourself and the one whom you appreciate. Slow down and let yourself revel in inspiration. Who inspires you? How? Can you go a step further and let them know?

Supporting blog posts:

  1. Let’s Tell Them How They Inspire Us

  2. Embracing Vulnerability by Expressing Your Inspirations

  3. Appreciation Kits Are Here

July 2018, #2

In the spirit of our new Mindful Floral set we invite you to connect mindfully with the world around you. Slow down and sit with what is happening right in front of you. Open yourself up to the possibility that you might need to look again to really see, to really understand what is there

✨ Embrace the process ✨

Supporting blog posts:

  1. Introducing Our Mindful Floral Set

  2. The Meditative Practice of Floral Arranging, An Interview with the Ladies of Foret



July 2018, #1

However your day is unfolding there is good in it somewhere, you just need to look for it. Once you find the good, honor it by preserving it in writing. Save the note for yourself or share it with someone else.