Let's Tell Them How They Inspire Us

Take a moment to think about someone who has inspired you lately. Maybe it's your boss or a co-worker, a friend, or perhaps someone you heard on a podcast.

Now that you have that person in mind, go a little deeper. How did they inspire you? Was it something they said, something they did? How did it make you feel? 

Now think about the last time you let someone know they inspired you? Not that recently? Same for us, so that is why we created our Inspire card, as a reminder, an encouragement to more readily express what enlivens us to the people who enliven us. 

Writing these thoughts down is vulnerable, but so deeply nourishing for everyone involved.  

As the writer, you are celebrating "out loud" a person, an act that you admire, a behavior that you aspire to embody. In doing so, you both solidify that inspiration for yourself and express gratitude for it.

Appreciation is a wonderful thing | Voltaire | Of Note Stationers

The recipient is nourished by your words and by the fact that you noticed and took the time to say something. They feel grateful, seen, and appreciated. Perhaps you've even helped them learn something new about themselves, recognized a quality of their own of which that they might not have been aware. What a gift that verbalization is.

Imagine the world we could create if we all more readily expressed what inspires us to the people who inspire us? Join us in our effort to more deeply knit people together with vulnerability, appreciation, and inspiration. 


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