Thanksgiving Download: Gratitude Place Cards

Our Thanksgiving download is here! Before the download, a little table setting inspiration that will pair well with our design:

Image via  @sweetwoodruff

Image via @sweetwoodruff

Image via  Lonny

Image via Lonny


Onto the finishing touch, our 2018 place cards that invite guests to Soak in the Good.

Each place card has a space for the guest’s name and then a unique gratitude prompt. Simple and not too different than last year’s, but this year we hope to thoughtfully encourage the sharing of gratitudes. We recognize the vulnerability in this so we’ve designed an activity that allows quiet sharing.

Activity: Set a timer for a minute or two and allow each person to answer the prompt on their place card. Next, pass the card along to the person on your right, who will read the answer silently and add their response to the prompt. Repeat this process until all prompts have been completed. At the end of the practice each guest will have a card filled with gratitudes, a memento to take home with them. Here is a peek:

Free Download of Thanksgiving Place Cards | Of Note Stationers

Get the download:

5” x 7” download, be sure to set the scale to 100% 

8 1/2” x 11" download with activity directions

We’d love to see your place cards in use. Tag us on instagram @ofnotestationers or email us a few photos -

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With well wishes and gratitude,

Kate and Isabel