Pause for Celebration

When we were doing research for Volume 3 of Sincerely we came across this quote from Brene Brown: 

Joy is right in front of us | Brene Brown | Of Note Stationers

and we were immediately transported to the beginnings of Of Note. We started this small business as a way to slow down and appreciate the little things, the everyday magic right in front of us like this cherry blossom confetti ✨

Cherry Blossom Confetti | Celebrate the Ordinary | Of Note Stationers

Because, as Diane Ackerman writes, we are here to live not just the length of our lives, but the width of them as well.

So today we invite you to live the width, find joy in the ordinary, and celebrate it. 

It's your day, celebrate it | Of Note Stationers

If you need a little more guidance, check out today's reflective prompt on our 30 Day Calendar; it is fittingly related 💫 

And guess what? You can continue this practice with Volume 3 of Sincerely. It releases on May 3rd and focuses on...CELEBRATION 🎉 (confetti included).

Pause for Celebration | Add confetti | Of Note Stationers

If you don't yet know about Sincerely, it is our quarterly care package filled with limited edition guidance, inspiration, and of course stationery to support your letter writing practice. Take a peek at Volume 2 and sign up for Volume 3.

We bet your mom would like one too! Mother's Day is May 12...