Support for an Intentional 2019

Some studies say that up to 80 percent of new year’s resolutions have already failed by February.* We are here to help you stay focused and committed to your 2019 intentions.

Maria Popova Intention | Of Note Stationers

Take a few minutes, now or later, to re-connect with your resolutions.

  • What was it that you hoped to change or achieve this year? How is it going so far?

  • What steps have you already taken towards your goal? What steps are left to take?

The act of reflecting, re-connecting with the intention, and planning how you will work towards your goal, will make reaching your goal feel that much more achievable.


Now that you’ve reconnected with your plan you might want a little encouragement to get started, or a reminder to take deep breaths when the discomfort of change feels overwhelming.


Or perhaps presence was on your resolution list? This affirmation along with this perspective will help bolster your mindful engagement.


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P.P.S. *The 80% that we referenced at the beginning of this post came from The Aesthetics of Joy. You might like to read their trick for making resolutions stick.