Introducing our Mindful Floral Set

Today we excitedly bring you our Mindful Floral Set, a meditation on nature's bounty and an invitation to look again. 


In creating this series we gave ourselves over to the power of being, to the power of sitting, to the power of looking and looking again.

We drew on the tenets of Ikebana and allowed ourselves to meditate on the beauty of natural forms, how they take up space, and perhaps more specifically, how they create and preserve space when thoughtfully arranged. We aspired to share this meditation with you in the form of our illustrations, each one showcasing a different angle of the arrangement.

The arrangement that inspired our Mindful Floral Set | Of Note Stationers
A meditation on one arrangement | How Of Note Stationers' Mindful Floral Set came to life
Ikebana inspiration for Of Note Stationers' Mindful Floral Card Set
How one arrangement inspired Of Note Stationers to create a Mindful Floral Card set

And so today we bring you our aspirations as they've come to life.


Just as we encourage you to slow down and engage mindfully with letter writing, we hope these designs will encourage a similar mindful appreciation of the world around you.



What will be revealed if you choose to sit with something just as it is?

What will you see if you choose to look again? 

Who can you share that experience with in writing?


Write here… 

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