Transform the Way You Feel, One Letter at a Time

I am writing to you with a full heart because I got to spend Monday watching Isabel, our co-founder and designer, run the Boston Marathon. It's certainly not every day that you get to watch your business partner and best friend do something so challenging and remarkable, so I am riding this wave of pride as far as it will take me and I know she is too. Just look at that face:

Isabel | Boston Marathon | Of Note Stationers

Once the jubilation settles and we step down from Cloud 9, we know we have our letter writing practices to give us small doses of that same appreciative, celebratory, and supportive state. Whenever we need a reset we pull out this prompt from our 30 Day Reflective calendar, tailor made by Michelle Gielan, a positive psychology researcher, to transform the way we feel:

Take two minutes to write a brief positive note to someone,

a thank you, a compliment, or an expression of appreciation.

If you haven't had a chance to write a letter for this prompt, why not take some time now to do so? If needed use the card below as inspiration. 


Most importantly, we want you notice how you feel when it's done. Are you feeling lighter? Calmer? Grateful? Reconnected? Check out what Michelle Gielan says about this practice.


Keep those good vibes flowing with our Appreciation Kits.

More Inspiration:

Find our interview with Alexis  here .

Find our interview with Alexis here.