Shifting Towards an Abundance Mindset with Sincerely

I wrote a vulnerable newsletter earlier this week about my challenge with scarcity mindset. I often catch myself thinking about what I lack, "I don't have enough time, I'm not working hard enough, I haven't accomplished as much as my peers, etc." I even caught myself saying out loud "maybe I'm not busy enough."

Do you ever catch yourself thinking like that? 

I am trying to more consciously shift my mindset to one of abundance. Spring is helping me to make this shift more easily because everywhere I look there is a new tree blossoming or a new flower blooming.

Letting Mother Nature be our guide towards an abundance mindset | Of Note Stationers

But Mother Nature's celebration will slow and then I will need to work harder to cultivate a mindset of abundance. 

With that challenge in mind, Isabel and I decided to create our own celebration with Sincerely Volume 3 . Throughout May, this care package will support us as we challenge ourselves to see the world through a lens of all that can be celebrated, the good and the hard, the big and the small alike. 

Limited Edition postcards, available in Volume 3 of Sincerely | Of Note Stationers

We're starting this week with these three postcards. Gather invites us to physically or mentally gather something from the world around us to celebrate, light calls us to celebrate someone else's magnetism, and honor challenges us to turn inwards and celebrate something about ourselves, because as Oprah says:

Oprah Winfrey quote available as a cellphone wallpaper in Sincerely Volume 3 | Of Note Stationers

Ready to celebrate? Grab Volume 3

It’s full of inspiration, guided meditations, stationery, a celebratory banner to adorn our spaces, and confetti:


Join us as we dig in to abundance, explore what we have, and share the celebration with others.

What people are saying:

"It fits perfectly with my theme for 31: reclaiming my attention."