Extending Care By Being Present

Each month we offer a Current Invitation, a prompt that we can hold in mind and use as a guide for both our day-to-day routines and our letter writing practices. This month the themes of attention and presence have come up in various ways, so instead of sticking with our plan, we decided to go with what is arising.

June's Invitation | Of Note Stationers

With the summer solstice fast approaching we invite you to attend. Extend your care for the world around you, and the people in it, by being present.

Ways to attend

Eliminate distractions: Put your cell phone on airplane mode, set up a do not disturb response, and/or leave it behind (at home, in the car, in your purse).

Listen: It is so rare to have someone’s undivided attention, be that person for someone else.

Observe: Without your cellphone in your hand or your headphones in your ears, you are free to look around, to notice, to engage with the world that is unfolding around you.


Normal Day | Mary Jean Irion | a mantra for presence | Of Note Stationers

Write: Reflect on this shift in attention. How does a walk around your neighborhood without technological distraction feel? What did you notice? How about a conversation with a friend or a colleague? How does it feel to engage without a phone nearby?

Consider: Extend your practice with a tech sabbath.

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