Thanks for Noticing

You know the feeling of someone "getting it," of someone really seeing you, of someone remembering or recognizing something small and acting on it? It’s breathtaking and comforting, and can be hard to acknowledge.

We created our thanks for noticing card as an encouragement to honor and celebrate that goodness.   

To commemorate the release of this card we invite you to pay attention, to look for the good in your relationships, and to notice how you are cared for. When you find those small acts of caring, honor them with an appreciation in writing.

Keep the note for yourself to return to when you need it most, or share with the individual who so kindly took notice. 

For a little extra insight on the topic of noticing we recommend Krista Tippett's interview with the "Mother of Mindfulness," Ellen Langer. And, as you dig into this practice, we'd love to hear what you're noticing. Comment below or email us directly 


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