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Meaningful correspondence, cards + custom design

’Tis the season to celebrate.

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Letter writing is a practice, a mindful ritual that connects, nourishes, and heals.

We exist to inspire and support your practice. With each design we invite you to slow down and engage with presence.

Start your practice today with our current invitation:

Your words are a gift.

Whether lighthearted and whimsical or vulnerable and caring, trust that your words are enough.

Get started with Sincerely.

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Build your collection.

Look out for sentiments that inspire you to observe, reflect, appreciate, celebrate, and honor both the monumental and the everyday.  

Mindful letter writing

Of Note was born out of our desire to live well -- to slow down, pay attention, and nurture the relationships in our lives. Letter writing became our ritual for cultivating this desired mindful connection, one which we're excited to share with you today.

Read our story.

You never know what one thoughtful handwritten note can do for someone who is important to you.

- Laura S., Of Note Customer


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