Loving Mindfully

Valentine's Day is almost here and we are welcoming it with our commitment to live our love daily, not just on the 14th. February's #currentinvitation helps:

February's Letter Writing Invitation | Of Note Stationers

Each day we wake and hold one of these questions in mind. Throughout the day we return to our question, allowing it to ground us in what is truly important. 

Find the Love Fortunes | A Practice for Loving Mindfully this February and Always | Of Note Stationers

At the end of the day we pull out one of our Find the Love fortunes, which prompt us to recognize and appreciate what/who/how we loved that day.

Noting our love in this way lays the foundation for our letter writing. We are gathering the inspiration for our Valentine love letters AND building a lasting habit of loving mindfully along the way.

Mindful Love Letters | Of Note Stationers

Sincerely Volume 2 includes these two practices as well a practice for loving your self, a practice for re-connecting and re-commiting to your New Year's resolutions, and prompts to facilitate your note-writing.

Will you join us in Loving Mindfully this week, the rest of the month, and beyond?

Note: Volume 2 is only available in February.

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Cellphone Wallpaper | Krista Tippett on Love | Of Note Stationers