Welcome thoughtful souls,

We’ve created Sincerely just for you. A care package that helps you re-connect with the wondering, vulnerable, wholehearted aspects of yourself through writing.

Each quarter we will send you a collection of stationery that enables you to do what you do best, show up for the relationships in your life — appreciate them, support them, celebrate them. (Your relationship with yourself is included in this!)

Slow down, reflect, and connect with Sincerely.

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Sincerely as Ritual

In 2018 we dug in deep to figure out what it is about letter writing that we love and want to share with the world. We distilled our infatuation down to three words: 





Letter writing is a slowing down ritual. 

It is this ritual that re-connects us with ourselves, with the world around us, and with the people in our lives. 

In practicing this ritual, we have found that it not only keeps us connected, but it deepens our connections. 

Sincerely is the manifestation of this understanding, it is the vehicle through which we can share our letter writing ritual, our practice of re-connecting, with you.


It is our hope that Sincerely will enable us to grow our community of wondering, vulnerable, and wholehearted individuals who make the world a better place, one letter at a time. 

Will you join us?


K + I