Fall's Invitation to Slow Down and Re-connect

I think it is safe to say that fall is officially here. The leaves have begun to turn, the daylight hours are shortening. Fall is inviting us to slow down, to observe the natural shifts around us, to reflect on the passage of time.

Slowing down and re-connecting, an invitation for fall | Of Note Stationers

We welcome fall’s invitation, with an invitation of our own, an invitation to re-connect:

Of Note Stationers | Fall invitation | Mindful Letter Writing

Lay the foundation for your shift in writing. Tuck it away to read in a few months or send off to a friend who will kindly hold you accountable to your transformational aspirations.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. What am I feeling proud of?

  2. What would I like to see change?

  3. What is bringing me joy these days?

  4. What is preventing me from accomplishing ______ or What is preventing me from living into my joy?

  5. What can I let go?

Get writing with these:

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