Have you tried a Reverse Bucket List?

In celebration of the final day that Volume 3 of Sincerely is available we are sharing a Reverse Bucket List practice that we worked through this weekend.

So much of our lives are oriented towards what we don't have, what we haven't accomplished, so this practice invites us to orient towards things we have accomplished, things we are proud of personally or professionally. 

Have you tried a Reverse Bucket List? | Of Note Stationers

Reverse Bucket List

Take some time, maybe 20 minutes or so, to reflect on your accomplishments.

Identify 5 things that you are proud of. Write those 5 things down with a short explanation of why you are feeling proud.

When you've finished this exercise, take a moment to notice how you feel.

Tuck your Reverse Bucket List away to re-read when you need a little boost, or send it off to a friend and invite them to work through their own.

The roots of all goodness | Dalai Lama quote | Of Note Stationers

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