May's Letter Writing Invitation

National Letter Writing Month is over, but that doesn't mean your practice has to end. A quick google search reveals that it takes more than two months, 66 days to be exact, for a new habit to form. So, now that you're 30 days in, why not keep going?

Our next Letter Writing Invitation is here to help:

Letter writing invitation for May

Throughout May we'll be challenging ourselves to see the world through the lens of all that can be celebrated, the good and the hard, the big and the small alike.

We'll be practicing with Volume 3 of Sincerely, which is packed full of reflective practices, inspiration, limited edition postcards, and more. 

Yea Yes Yay | Sincerely Volume 3 | Quarterly care package for the wondering, vulnerable, and wholehearted by Of Note Stationers

And you can too because, Volume 3 releases on Friday!!! Explore the care package and reserve yours here