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We hosted an Instagram Flash Mob to Spread Thoughtfulness

Today we created a little Instagram Flash Mob magic to spread thoughtfulness with the handwritten word. We joined forces with 12 other creative businesses to each write a Think of you Often card and share on Instagram how we intended to use it. It was our hope to, in a small way, collectively inspire you to reach out and connect.

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A Conversation with Our Letter Writing Challenge Partner in Crime, Rhea Abramson of Mail More Love

Over the past year, we have had the sincerest pleasure of getting to know Rhea Abramson, the visionary behind Mail More Love, a monthly subscription box of cards and gifts delivered directly to your mailbox. Rhea found us through Instagram when we were starting our #366daysofletterwriting challenge. She reached out via snail mail with a note, a /366 stamp, and the promise to keep us accountable; the rest is history.

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