How Letter Writing as a Practice Creates Connection


Letter writing month has come and gone, and with it's departure we are left nuggets of wisdom to carry with us throughout the next year.

What we found most striking this year was the way in which a daily letter writing challenge creates a mental shift. Knowing you have to write a letter every day for the next 30 days forces your brain to start scanning the world for connection (just like a gratitude practice forces your brain to scan for the good). It's hard at first, but as you continue, you become cognizant of new opportunities to reach out. You catch yourself thinking, "Oh I could write the Bittermann's a letter because they just moved" or "I could write Andrew and Jason a letter because it was so nice to see them the other night."

These moments of inspiration occur randomly so it's great to have a place to jot the ideas down. Next time you sit down to write you'll have a list of whom you wanted to write to, easing yourself into the practice of writing more seamlessly. 


Tools for connection

A set of cards for any occasion. 

For something small yet meaningful.

When you need a little more space


Until the next note, 

K + I

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