Having a Bad Day? Try Writing a Letter.


While perusing RealSimple's April issue we came across this nugget of wisdom from Michelle Gielan, the author of Broadcasting Happiness: 

When you're having a bad day take two minutes to write a very brief, positive email*** to someone you know: a thank you, a compliment, or an expression of deep appreciation. It works, for one, because your mind can't be in two places at once: You can't be unhappy and stressed if you're thinking about how grateful you are. When you go back to your bad day, your brain has one more positive piece of information about your life, and you won't feel the same slump. Plus, we know that the greatest predictor of long-term happiness is social connection, and you've just spent two minutes thinking, 'Whoa, look at this person who cares about me and has contributed to my life in a meaningful way.'"

***We, of course, recommend letters and think that the extra time it takes you to put pen to paper will result in that much more contentment. 

Give it a go with these cards

a thank you.

a compliment.

an expression of deep appreciation

and tell us how it makes you feel below. Happy writing, happy day! 

Until the next note, 

Kate and Isabel