Create a Meaningful Moment on Your Wedding Day

For the reader: This post is written directly to the "to be married couple," BUT, is a great post to read as a wedding guest because it could inspire a thoughtful pre-wedding gift.


You two have put so much time and effort into creating a magical wedding day, but have you stopped to carve out a meaningful moment for just the two of you? All too often you hear "it went by so fast" or "it was all a blur." We'd love to help you create space amidst all the crazy goodness, during which you can deeply appreciate each other with presence. 

Below we've shared 5 cards that will help you commemorate this pause perfectly.

But before we get to the cards, a few thoughts on when you can make time to write and how you can exchange them, because let's be real, you've done so much thinking and planning and have made so many decisions at this point.



Set a reminder for two weeks out from the wedding. When this alarm goes off take a little time to figure out when the writing should happen, is it the day this alarm goes off, is it the morning of your first full day off work before the wedding weekend, is it the Monday morning after the wedding? Whichever time suits you best, be sure that you find a quiet space, free of distractions, to reflect on all that has led up to today, all that you love, admire, and respect about your partner, and all that you hope for in your shared future. 

Photograph by Amy Emily of Natalie on her wedding day, full story  here .

Photograph by Amy Emily of Natalie on her wedding day, full story here.



Assign a friend the task of delivering the pre-written letters to each of you while you're getting ready.  

Bring the notes with you to your first look. You'll almost be alone and you'll have the added benefit of you're photographers capturing the authentic intimacy and emotion the card exchange generates.

Leave the notes on your bedside tables so you can read the morning after.    

Save the writing for after the wedding so you can preserve moments from the day. Once written, tuck the notes in your suitcase so you can do the exchange on your honeymoon.

Fill in before or after the wedding, but wait to share them until your anniversary so you can vividly re-live the magic. 


Now, the Cards

With the experience of each of our own weddings, we know you’ll appreciate a little time to just be, a little time to cherish, a little time to revel.

Congratulations to you both, and, ENJOY!

If you are reading this and you're a wedding guest, we think giving each member of the couple one of these cards would make an amazing pre-wedding gift...also...our previous post has even more ideas for how to thoughtfully celebrate the couple throughout their wedding journey.