It's Not Just About the Wedding Day

Wedding season has arrived and we are welcoming it with open arms. We love an explicit excuse to celebrate and think the joining of two lives in love and community is a spectacular reason to rejoice, one that need not be reserved just for the wedding day. 

Below we've gathered ideas for the ways in which you can commemorate this momentous occasion throughout the couple's wedding journey.  

Let it glow - Celebrate the excitement of an engagement with a sentiment that captures the couple's glowing feelings and encourages them to continue basking in the warmth. Also great for newlyweds or new parents! 

By your side, always - Now that the excitement of the engagement has settled reach out and let them know you'd love to help with whatever they may need. Weddings are a big undertaking and they'll be grateful to know you are by their side and willing to lend a hand. 

It's your day! - The big day has arrived and the couple has so much to keep track of. Use this card to help them pause, embrace the fact that most importantly the day is for them, and appreciate the once-in-a-lifetime magic this day brings. 

Post Script - It's the week after the wedding and you're still feeling the love. Don't keep those good vibes to them down and send your reflection off to the couple. It will likely be the BEST gift they'll receive.  

Thank You - It takes a village. The couple likely did not pull off the wedding all on their own. Take a moment to reflect on all the people who made this celebration happen, the parents of the couple, the bridal party, perhaps some notable family members. Now write a note expressing your gratitude to them for all they did to make the event so welcoming and wonderful.


We hope these suggestions help you give in more fully to the celebration of the momentous occasion.

Getting married soon? Or looking for another way to support the couple on their wedding day? Stay tuned for our next post!

Until then,