Pass it On, How Three Ladies Spread Handwritten Support

Our Pass it On kits have been out in the world for just over a month now, so we thought it would be fun to check in on their journeys. We asked three of our thoughtful customers to share to whom they sent their kit, why, and how the kit was received. We loved hearing how each lady personally connected with the sentiments and then transformed that connection into meaningful support for someone in their life. 

I sent the Need to Be kit to a dear friend who, like me, is feeling desirous of more but overwhelmed by the process of getting there.

We are both creative souls who want to be recognized in our authentic form, and we are dreamers who have so much hope in our visions. Sometimes, though, our dreamer selves become impatient with our under-recognized authentic expressions, and I wanted my friend to know that she is exactly where she needs to be, even if she doesn't understand why just yet.

In sharing this sentiment with her, I was sharing it with myself. Of course, I threw in a little deadpan humor to lighten the darkness of how we'd both been feeling, and I was happy to hear that the Pass It On kit and my message made her smile.

- Jessica Goodall, Goodall Creative

I used the Good Things Take Time kit. Not only do I love the typesetting of this sentiment but it was exactly the advice I wanted to share with my younger sister.

She is in the process of looking for a new job and was exhausted by the process but I didn't want her to feel discouraged by the daunting task. In nature, all things need time to grow and eventually they will flourish. I reminded her that at the beginning of each spring season (which worked perfectly since that's when I mailed the kit!) we are reminded of the resilience of nature and that crocuses and bulbs go through harsh, miserable winters but always blossom in the warmth of the spring sun. 

My sister immediately texted me when she received it and was very grateful for the positive encouragement. Since I know she doesn't keep stamps on hand, I pre-stamped the post card so she would be able to easily send it out. She sent the postcard to her old roommate who just recently moved in with her boyfriend and is adjusting to a new neighborhood. She also wanted to send it as a way to stay in touch because they don't see each other everyday anymore.

- Anonymous 

Keep Doing You | Pass it On | Of Note Stationers

I used the Keep Doing You kit to send a note to a long time pen pal who lives across the country in California. She's in the process of transferring colleges and is in a time of transition. I also transferred colleges and I remember how buoyed I felt by other people's kind words, so I wanted to send her a note of encouragement. After she received the letter in the mail, she sent me a text to tell me how much she enjoyed it and how excited she was to send a postcard to someone else.

- Anna Jacobs, In the Making


You too can spread love and support with these kits.

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