April is for Passing it On

Isn't the feeling of receiving a handwritten note in the mail the best? For a moment in your day you can pause and be fully present with the message, the thought, and the care that is resting in your hands.

Since the beginning of our journey we've asked how we can capture that experience and amplify it…Today we bring you our first iteration, a Pass it On Kit designed to do just that. 

In each kit you will find an existing Of Note card and a complementary postcard. It is our hope that you will write a message to a friend in the Of Note card and then tuck both the card and the postcard in the mailing envelope. When the recipient opens their mail they'll have both a card to read and a blank postcard with which they can pass the encouraging and supportive sentiment along.

In the spirit of National Letter Writing month, and for a limited time, you can get one kit entirely for FREE. Act quickly because this offer is only free until April 6th!


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