Nurturing is Necessary for Healthy Relationships


Isabel and I are on a journey to clarify and hone our Of Note mission. As we go through this process the idea of re-connecting is arising.

With Of Note we hope to create opportunities for re-connection, re-connection with yourself, with the world around you, and with the people in it. We are reminded however that this is not a one time thing, but instead a practice, an on-going nurturing.


Relationships run on rededication and recommitment. No relationship can sustain itself on one big gesture or one moment of shining behavior. Harmony and stability in our relationships with ourselves, our families, our friends, and our partners come from showing up every single day with a fresh desire for growth, intimacy, and goodness. 

-Cleo Wade, Heart Talk


And so the practice begins with ourselves. How can we show up every single day and tend this relationship? Isabel and I have found the most success when we pause to express gratitude for who we are in this moment.


Find gratitude in your life story. Wake up every morning and say to yourself, 'I made it here from where I started, and I am so proud of that.' When we do this, we bless ourselves and feed ourselves with the love required for us to flourish and keep going.

- Cleo Wade, Heart Talk


From this place of self-love, to which we arrive at our own pace, we can move outwardly and share that same care, support, and encouragement with others. 


Letting someone know that you believe in them is one of the most fundamental acts of kindness. Be that person for never know if your words of support could be the sign someone is looking for to feel capable enough to commit to their own greatness.

- Cleo Wade, Heart Talk


The best way we know how to nurture our relationships, with ourselves and others, is with the hand-written word. A note solidifies your thoughts, highlights something experienced in person, or whispers a reminder that may otherwise go unacknowledged. 


Tools for re-connecting and nurturing


A mental note. 

An invitation. Write your gratitude down and ask a friend to send it to you in a few days, weeks, or months. 

Share your appreciation for someone with this or this

Start a conversation.

Send some encouragement


Yours in the Pursuit of Re-connection, 

Kate and Isabel