August is for: Taking Care

Summer is flying by…As the daylight begins to shorten we catch ourselves thinking that this season will be gone before we know it. In order to keep that thought at bay, we are practicing taking care of the moments and memories we do have.


Feeling similarly? Give this letter writing prompt a try:

Take a trip down memory lane.

As you wander select one memory from the summer thus far that was experienced together.

Write an appreciation of that moment for the person with whom you shared it.

How are you feeling now? A bit calmer/content? Perhaps looking forward to making more memories in the days to come? How about feeling like you’d enjoy preserving another memory?

Well, this week we are releasing Volume 4 of Sincerely, which will help you do just that ✨ Grab your set now and get ready to take care of your memories, moments, and milestones ✨

Inspired by travel journals, sketchbooks, and time capsules Volume 4 includes:

  • A guiding booklet to inspire and support

  • 3 limited edition Take Note cards

  • 6 letterpress printed cards

  • 6 postage stamps

  • and access to our member only rewards page