We're Featured in "Gifts to Savor (Now or Always)"

We are big Reading My Tea Leaves fans and her gift guides are always the best — thoughtful and intentional just as we like it. This year, we are humbled and honored to be included in her first gift guide: Gifts to Savor (Now or Always):


A pen to keep forever +/or something to offer to someone else.

We’ll turn it over to Erin to do the rest of the explaining:

I’m often extolling the virtues of—and my personal preference for—gifts that get used up. Give me a luxurious bath soak, or a jar of spices, or a tin of tea and I’m pleased as can be. And yet, what a joy it is to be given something that I might treasure forever. 

Budgets and square footage and particulars of givers and recipients will dictate the permanence of the gifts we choose to give. Whether you’re hoping to give something that gets used up, or hoping to give something that sticks around for years to come—or, perhaps, a little bit of both—I hope this might serve as something of a jumping off point. 

Find her full guide here and grab our Fill-In card here.

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