Embellish your Envelopes with Letter Writing Accent Stamps

During the 2016 Write On challenge Kate used her Dymo label maker to adorn the envelopes she was sending out the door. This inspiration led to the creation of our collection of Letter Writing Accent Stamps designed to embellish the envelope and excite the recipient. The messages are simple, but meaningful. We like to think they inspire the recipient to open the note slowly and carefully, and enjoy each part of the letter reading process that much more. 


With this question, how are you?, we aren't seeking the go to answer that you give when passing someone quickly on the street. In the slower format of letter writing, we really want to know the good and the bad.

Use this stamp to let the recipient know you care.  Pairs wonderfully with our first ever Of Note design


This may be the start of a series for us. Inspired by our #loveletteraweek challenge we designed this stamp to tease the recipients as to the contents inside. It's Isabel's favorite and pairs beautifully with our wedding cards


Letters have the power to preserve memories, the power to, with a few simple words, transport you to an earlier time in your life. With this stamp we encourage you to use letters as a vessel to share memories with loved ones. Pairs seamlessly with this card or this one. 


A kind affirmation that with this note you are genuinely hoping that you and the recipient will keep in touch. Pairs cleverly with our newest snail mail inspired design. 

Until the next note,

Kate and Isabel

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Photography: Paul Rutherford Photography

Styling: Of Note Stationers