Our Letter Writing Paper is here! 


Our Letter Writing Paper was inspired by our desire to create space. Greeting cards can be confining to certain occasions and sentiments, so we designed a whole page that allows you to fill it with just the words that feel right to you. 

With our header we encourage you to pause and take note of your surroundings. Writing the date, time, location, and weather will ground you in the here and now.

We believe that writing letters should be a joy. To make sure you don't get side-tracked worrying about messiness or writing crookedly, we've impressed lines to help you keep things straight. 

And in case you like to write a lot, we've included 2 sheets per envelope. 

12 luscious letterpress printed sheets paired with 6 soft cotton envelopes, ready and waiting for your thoughts, feelings, and memories.

Until the next note, 

Kate and Isabel 

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