Breathe: A Digital Wallpaper Download for August

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Just breathe.

So simple, yet sometimes so hard to do.

As we charge forward into August, our summer bucket list grows longer and the time to check each fun event off the list grows shorter. We've made this free digital wallpaper download as a reminder to ourselves that happiness can come in little moments as well, moments as small as stopping to take a breath.

In these slow reflective moments we encourage you to look around you, smell the blooming flowers, smile at people as they pass you on the street, and bask in the glory that is long summer daylight hours.

Maybe you'll even be encouraged to share your quiet moments in words with one of our newest designs:

Letterpress Cards by Of Note Stationers
Taking time to appreciate small moments and share them with others // Of Note Stationers

How do you take time to appreciate the little things?