Sincerely Subscription

Sincerely Subscription

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Introducing Sincerely, a quarterly care package for the wondering, vulnerable, and wholehearted. Your ritual for re-connecting. Our second collection invites you to re-connect through love.

Volume 2: Love Mindfully

  • 6 letterpress printed cards

  • 6 postage stamps

  • Love Mindfully zine with guided exercises to inspire and support

  • a letter ledger

  • exclusive Of Note Stationers rewards

Note: If you are selecting more than 1 in the QTY section you will be receiving multiples of the same box. For the year subscription program, please select the pricing option that you would like. E.g. 2 boxes means you will get Volume 1 and Volume 2 shipping on the following dates:

Volume 1: ship date November 2nd

Volume 2: ship date February 1st

Volume 3: ship date May 3rd

Volume 4: ship date August 2nd

Volume 5: ship date November 1st

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