20 Day Card Set

20 Day Card Set


Product Details:

In honor of National Letter Writing Month we’ve created this curated set of 20 cards that seamlessly pairs with days 11-30 on our Reflective Prompt calendar. Of course you can use these cards however you wish, but be sure to buy soon to secure this price (it’s a 40% discount)!

  • twenty cards 4.25" x 5.5"

  • includes matching envelopes

  • all blank inside for your message

  • note: calendar is available as a download here

In case you don’t like surprises, the 20 cards are:

Post Script, Let Your Heart Be Light, These Words Mark This Moment, Mindful Floral 1, Way Overdue, Keep Doing You, Mindful Floral 2, Better Together, You Can and You Will, Thanks for Noticing, Mindful Floral 3, Letter Writing Paper x 2, Lovely Time, Good Things Take Time, I Think of You Often, Gratitude, Hope, Hahahaha, Unforgettable

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