Halfway Through National Letter Writing Month, Some Prompts to Keep Us Writing

We've made it halfway through National Letter Writing Month!! How are you feeling? We're feeling good, but we're hoping to end the month even stronger than we began.

With that in mind, we thought we'd share some letter writing prompts that we came across on an Apartment 34 post, Calligraphy + Coffee 101. We are excited to use these prompts to help us finish out the month:

1.) Send a loved one your favorite memory of them.

Kristin Texeira x Of Note Stationers Memory Card

2.) Start a card with “thanks for” & express what you truly appreciate about the recipient.

3.) Tell a person why they inspire you.

I think of you often and I want you to know

4.) Write out a favorite quote from the book you’re reading and send it off for someone else to enjoy.

5.) Share something that will make them laugh - something you’d normally text to them.


For more letter writing inspiration check out our Pinterest board.

As always, happy writing!

- Kate + Isabel