Explore the Newest Additions to Our Meaningful Correspondence Collection

Our newest cards are here and we've infused them with the love and support we find so necessary for our day-to-day.

A note for your partner, best friend, or co-worker with whom everything is better. Use this card to let them know how much you appreciate them. 

For the moments where you wish you had said something, here is a vessel to write those thoughts down and share them.

Good things don't happen overnight, they take time and that is okay. Remind your colleague, friend, or partner that every little step they take is building towards their goal. It is a process and all their effort will lead to something great in the end.

A playful excuse to share secrets, memories, or an "I love you." You can't go wrong with this whimsy.

So much of the information we receive daily points us towards perfection. But perfection is unrealistic and exhausting. Join us in celebrating the beauty in imperfections. 

Simple and elegant, pair this letterpress card with a gift or let your words inside be a gift in and of themselves.