Practice With Us In Person!

On November 10th we are offering our first workshop, in a long while, Connecting Through Writing at Plant Workshop in Cape Cod!

Connecting Through Writing | at Plant Workshop in Cape Cod | Of Note Stationers

From 2-4pm we will gather together in Milisa’s cozy space to work our way through a letter writing practice focused on expressing gratitudes. To get the group started we will offer a meditation, enjoy some tea, and then get writing in each other’s company. It is our hope that you will walk away armed with an understanding of how expressing gratitudes in writing directly impacts your individual and communal happiness and the tools to keep your practice going.

Your ticket to this workshop includes:

3 cards + postage for each

a gratitude meditation to take home

a letter ledger to keep track of your ongoing gratitudes

discount applied to additional purchases

Looking forward to seeing you there! Until then a little inspiration:

Inspiration for your gratitude letter writing practice | Of Note Stationers

Not able to join us in person? Practice your gratitudes with Sincerely Volume 1!

With gratitude,

Kate and Isabel