Calling Cards for Katherine Hysmith

On one stormy stormy day in the winter of 2015, January 27th to be exact, our world collided with Katherine Hysmith's. The ladies behind Tell New England encouraged Bostonites to share how they juno'ed on Instagram (East Coasters, you remember Juno??) and both our photo and Katherine's photo were shared in their roundup.

A friendship with Katherine developed from there. How could it not? She is an academic who takes stunning pictures of the delicious food that she cooks.

Here are a couple photos from her account to wet your palette. 

Katherine Hysmith
Katherine Hysmith | Fire Cider

Fast forward to today and we recently had the honor of designing her calling cards. 

Katherine was hoping for business cards which she and her friends affectionately call "academic calling cards" since they serve a couple purposes, being both informative of our academic and freelance/work information. She liked our clean crisp style and was inspired by our little note cards. She thought that line element could be incorporated on the back of the cards because at her conferences, people are always jotting down notes on people's cards anyways, so why not provide a place for it. 

We drew on the following visual inspiration ::


And ended up with this beautiful final product ::

Photograph by    Katherine Hysmith

Photograph by Katherine Hysmith

Thank you Katherine for the opportunity to bring this idea to life! 


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