Of Note Stationers X Eva Moon Press Letter Writing Essentials

National Letter Writing Month begins tomorrow, which means so too does the Write_On challenge: 30 Letters in 30 days. In preparation for this challenge we teamed up with our pen pal Julia, of Eva Moon Press, to create a kit of Letter Writing Essentials. 

These Essentials are inspired by what we need most when corresponding, a little extra space, and a little extra elegance. To fit the bill, we are debuting our letter writing sheets, which provide an open-ended, letterpress printed, soft cotton canvas to share your thoughts.

We've paired these sheets with Eva Moon Press' stunning stationery labels.

Of Note 3-27-17-192.jpg

For a little extra tidiness we've included a letter ledger to keep this month's correspondence organized.

Of Note 3-27-17-187.jpg

And last, but not least, the first 10 kits will include ephemera packs to help you add a little extra decorative flair to your notes. 


The Specifics

Each limited edition Letter Writing Essentials set will include: 

  • 12 letterpress printed letter writing sheets (8.25" by 5.75" )

  • 6 Soft Cotton Envelopes

  • 8 Eva Moon Press Stationery Labels

  • 1 Letter Ledger

  • 1 Ephemera Pack (included in the first ten sets only)

Photos Paul Rutherford Photography

Styling Of Note Stationers