New Year, New Letter Writing Challenge

For 2016, I (Kate) embarked on a 366daysofletterwriting journey. The goal was to live up to my (our) commitment of slowing down and deepening relationships with the handwritten word by writing a letter every single day. This was also an excellent way for me to whittle down my stash of paper goods.

I started the year off strong and made it through May at a pretty steady pace, but summer travel and moving my life to Amherst, MA put me way behind. That said, I did finish, even if that meant writing 18 letters over New Years Eve and New Years Day. 

Letter Writing | Of Note Stationers

I was lucky enough to have Rhea of Devoted Diarist and Mail More Love to hold me accountable. Early on in my letter writing year she reached out via Instagram to say she'd do the challenge with me. She even sent me a stamp to keep me inspired. Rhea is a prolific letter writer and went above and beyond the goal; she wrote over 800 letters in 2016. We have a lot to learn from her and hope to have a reflective conversation with her, here, in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. 

In the mean time, a new challenge!...#52loveletters, aka a #loveletteraweek.

With this challenge I hope to explore different ways to express and share love through the handwritten word. It won't always be warm and cuddly and it needn't be. In Becoming Wise Krista Tippett writes: 

"Love is another word that is a bit (or a lot) ruined--something we routinely speak of as something to fall into and fall out of. But as a piece of intelligence about what makes us human, and what we are capable of, it is a virtue and way of being...a fantastic new companion in stepping out of fear and into care, and realizing our natural belonging one to another."

Remember This | Of Note Stationers

This week's love letter goes out to me. I have written a "remember this" note to myself that I will mail in 6 months. I did this same activity last year and was pleasantly surprised at how impactful it was. It was a great way to set my intentions for the year, while also providing a kind and encouraging reminder of what I had set out to accomplish 6 months prior.

Happy 2017 to all! 

Kate and Isabel