Day 3 of Gifting: Be Present

Be Present | Of Note Stationers

For the 3rd day of Gifting we are offering our Be Present art print. 

This print serves as a daily reminder of the importance of connecting with the world around you. Far too often, we are distracted by work deadlines and cell phone pings and we miss the magic of just being, of just experiencing life as it unfolds. 

Be Present Art Print | Of Note Stationers

In the Myth of Quality Time, Frank Bruni reminds us that:

people tend not to operate on cue...We reach out for help at odd points; we bloom at unpredictable ones. The surest way to see the brightest colors, or the darkest ones, is to be watching and waiting and ready for them.

With this print we challenge ourselves to be watching and waiting and ready. We challenge ourselves to be present. 

And you can too!

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