The Journey to a Brand Name, Our Brand Name, Of Note Stationers

Of Note. Something worth noting. Something worthy of note.

Leading up to the launch of our business in May of 2014 were many months of figuring out who we wanted to be and how we wanted to contribute the stationery world. In that time we established that it was the “just because” niche of the greeting card industry that captivated us. Within that niche, it was the small yet significant moments of reaching out to loved ones that we hoped to encourage.

In order to convey this we sought a name that captured moments:

  • The moment of inspiration.
  • The moment of writing a note.
  • The moment of receiving a note.

 Each was special in and of itself and worth celebrating.

There was Out of the Blue Press: designing cards for the moment when you want to surprise and shower your friend, loved one, or co-worker with kindness and warmth.

Or Change of State Press a name that reflected the feeling an individual has upon receiving a note in the mail.

We played with the combination of Memento and Momento. Mementous Card Co.

Memento- an object kept as a reminder or souvenir of a person or event.
Momento (Spanish) - moment, instant...time/period of time, present moment

A memento of a momento. This combination of words was getting there…

At Mementous Card Co. we help you create mail moments. Moments that brighten your friends' day, that perhaps adjust their current mindset, allow them to bask in the glory of thoughtfulness. The card brings "mementous" feelings rushing back and in turn creates a warm moment. 

 But this name didn’t give as much power to all three aspects of the note writing experience, from writer to recipient, as we wanted.

During a Saturday morning brainstorm, Kate’s boyfriend was running through a list of ideas:

Post Script, Memorandum, Handwritten, Palm, Communiqué, Of Note.

Of Note.

Something worth noting.

Something worthy of note.

What we especially loved about the phrase Of Note was the expected use of it for something extraordinary. We believed the opposite, that taking a moment to take note was notable in and of itself. The fact that one took a moment to slow down, step out of his/her day to write, to reach out, and to share, was “Of Note.”

That was it. Of Note stuck.

As a company we help people take note of moments both special and ordinary. The killer coffee date? That rainy Wednesday afternoon? Your best friend’s wedding? We believe that every moment is of note and should be shared.

Happy writing!


Kate and Isabel


Finding a Brand Name, Of Note Stationers