Sending more mail, making people smile, and seeing what happens.

Our journey as Of Note Stationers began first as @IsabelandKate:

Two friends. Paper lovers. Budding stationery designers. Sending more mail, making people smile, and seeing what happens.

Yep, that was our @IsabelandKate Instagram bio. We started this account as a hobby, a creative outlet, and a way to brighten people’s days. We both have a long history of note giving and sending, which we will talk about in forthcoming posts, but the long and short of it was we loved sending notes in the mail, just because, and wanted to make our commitment to doing so official.

This project encouraged us to not only reach out to friends we normally kept in touch with via text message or email, but also to friends that we had lost touch with due to moving away from home or graduating from college. With each note we sent out and received in return, we could feel our independent communities reviving. It was also amazing to discover, through Instagram, a whole community of people committed to keeping the art of letter writing alive.  

If you’ve found your way to our blog we think you are probably interested in paper goods, cherishing small moments, and staying connected to those you love, so we thought you might also be interested in the #letterwritingrevolution.

Here are a few hashtags to get your toes wet, perhaps inspire you, and ultimately introduce you to the snail mail community:

#sendmoremail #snailmail #showandmail #mailart

 Some instagram accounts that we love:

Ways to get involved with the #letterwritingrevolution:

  • You can start now by participating in the 30 Letters in 30 Days #write_on challenge hosted by @eggpress and @hellolucky cards. Click here for details on the challenge and here for a great list of reasons to write. We are excited to be participating this year and will be posting photos of our progress here and on Instagram.
  • The lovely Rin Dawson of @paperedthoughts has put together a letter writing directory. Also pay attention to the mail tag.
  • Join the Letter Writers Alliance, an organization committed to carrying on the tradition of letter writing.
  • Send some handwritten love with the more love letters campaign. 

And, if you want even more to get excited about, check out the following list of letter writing essentials featuring some of our personal favorites :)

–Kate and Isabel 

Letter Writing Essentials