Gratitude: Showing Appreciation & Returning Kindness

On World Kindness Day it only seems fitting to share one of our favorite acts of kindness, saying thanks. Or better yet...WRITING thanks so the recipient of your gratitude can hold on to that note for a good long while.

Earlier in the week we discussed the first part of gratitude - identifying that there is good out there and being thankful for it. Perhaps you say gratitudes quietly to yourself, write them down in a journal, or maybe you've adopted the idea of storing them in a gratitude jar. All of these are wonderful ways to personally acknowledge what you are grateful for. 

But some of your gratitudes may be about people in your life. When that is the case we see the second part of gratitude as showing appreciation for those individuals and returning the kindness by reaching out to them and saying thank you.

Below we've shared some traditional and non-traditional cards that we use to express our gratitude. We will start with the more traditional thank yous:

This next selection of cards is less traditional in that it isn't immediately obvious that the sentiment is gratitude, but upon taking a second look, each card shares appreciation in its own way.

Who will you reach out to??

We are always on the lookout for new ways to express gratitude. We'd love to hear how you share your appreciation with others!