Our Mission


At Of Note Stationers we believe that letter writing is a mindful act, one that allows you to slow down, appreciate the little things in life, and share that appreciation with others. We strive to keep people connected and deepen relationships through the handwritten word. 



About Us

As a duo Isabel and Kate enjoy writing notes, making people smile, and drinking Earl Grey tea. 

When Isabel is not designing you will find her reading Fast Company, thrift shopping with her husband in New Hampshire, photographing her dog Barkley, embroidering, or planning her next home décor DIY. 

When Kate is not gathering inspiration you will find her planning a reunion with friends and family, learning more about positive psychology, scouring used bookstores for botanical prints, reading in a coffee shop, or walking around the pond. 

To see how Isabel and Kate take note of everyday magic visit their instagram account here

Kind Mentions

"It's been forever since I wrote an actual note to my father, and in return received twice the love from home. He called and we're back in touch like before; the gesture Of Note allows does go the distance. And to my surprise my handwriting hasn't changed a bit! " –Phil H., Filmmaker

"I have always been a "note" writer. I save Of Note Stationer’s cards for people who will appreciate them. I just sent the "you dazzle me" card to someone as a special thank you. She sent a thank you back!!!" –Maxine A. 

"Kate and Isabel produce the most incredible cards. I'm using their Kindness card for a very personal project that means so much to me. I am so grateful I found their shop!" –Neena M.

"Beautiful card. [It] was for my best friend who has just lost her sister suddenly and tragically. It meant a lot to her. Perfect. Thank you."  
–Ruth H.

Photography by Dana Wendt