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Letter Writing Essentials

Letter Writing Essentials
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In preparation for Letter Writing Month, we've teamed up with our pen pal Julia, of Eva Moon Press, to create a kit of Letter Writing Essentials. 

These Essentials are inspired by what we need most when corresponding, a little extra space, and a little extra elegance. Included in this Limited Edition set is the debut of our letter writing sheets, which provide an open-ended, letterpress printed, soft cotton canvas to share your thoughts.

The Specifics

Each limited edition set will include– 

  • 12 letterpress printed letter writing sheets–8.25" by 5.75"
  • 6 Soft Cotton Envelopes
  • 8 Eva Moon Press Stationery Labels 
  • 1 Letter Ledger
  • 1 Ephemera Pack* (included in the first ten sets only)